These first lines of Adam Mickiewicz, revered Polish poet , loved by Lithuanians who consider him also as their literary treasure, as he was born in Vilnius, represents the love of the country by many born there .

This great town , he held special. Just as many Polish people hold special emotions for Vilnius , so close to their hearts due to common Lithuanian and Polish Commonwealth history , which cemented these nations coexisting in peaceful , close cultural , historical togetherness for over 500 years .It was 450 years ago in Lublin that sealed in 1569 the permanent Union of Lithuania and Poland .

That Union unique in its concept one could say , was the first union of that nature where respect for two countries for two peoples, creating Commonwealth where the concepts of existence of Crown of Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania was carried . That union had such an impact on people that even nowadays some Lithuanians jokingly say “Vilnius is little Poland ” while town of KAUNAS , also a interesting town to visit , is old capital of this great country and is true LITHUANIAN.

An enjoyable country to visit, with rich past and besideds these two towns it has other places to offer for visits , for example TRAKAI .

Vilnius exhudes charming mood of bygone days .Here one senses amazing spirit of culture , history basically around any corner of the narrow streets , lanes , churches , buildings which charm visitors . Cathedral Square , complex of St. Anne and Bernardine Churches , with Adam Mickiewicz memorial are truly memorable places . True iconic religious place is Gates of Dawn with painting of OUR LADY OF MERCY . This very emotional place is on Ausros Vartu Street where also beside this spiritual church one passes by St. KAZIMIR CHURCH , BASILIAN GATES , HOLY TRINITY CHURCH and many more places of faith with Orthodox CHURCH OF HOLY SPIRIT .

From Vilnius a day trip by modern train service to Kaunas provides one with sense of importance that town played in past . Here two important rivers of Lithuania join and flow to Baltic Sea . Neris and Nemunas rivers confluence was strategically important therefore here , Kaunas Castle with medieval fortress is standing strong and definitely should be visited. Next short walk takes one to Old Town. Here the Kaunas Cathedral Basilica , Gothic spires of the Hanseatic House of Perkūnas present impressive situation for visitors . Laisvės Alėja, a pedestrianized street with lovely trees and cafes, presents very pleasant atmosphere for relaxation .

Vilnius also presents opportunity for short trip into country side
where many lakes and historical castle of TROKAI is a very enriching experience . Here medieval castle on the lake island played important role in controlling the expansive moves of Teutonic Knights.

Visit to Lithuania is truly enriching experience and highly recommendable.