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European Hanseatic League towns of south west Balticum sea, like Szczecin , Stralsund , Rostock, Wismar, Lubeck , are clear indication that prosperity of that region was based on peaceful , cooperative approach , uniting these towns in commercial successes . These commercial activities brought riches to these towns what is evident even now , in impressive architectural structures of churches , Cathedrals, Merchant buildings on streets and lanes, also ports and harbours which were doors to and from these interesting towns .

SZCZECIN , port where goods were flowing freely in and out also place of birth of Princes who became Tsarina Catherine the Great. Now dynamic town of western Poland and gateway to Swinoujscie – SPA Resort of Poland besides holiday opportunities of enjoying fresh air and Baltic sea water . From Swinoujscie by train one gets to STRALSUND .

Town with interesting features of its history ,culture is on UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list .

Next ROSTOCK , another town , despite being bigger in its urban area has very interesting Old Town section , allowing visitor to learn, through appreciating , wealth of it’ history . From here on can go for a day trip to WARNEMUNDE where huge tourist liners call to allow passengers to visit Rostock , while others who come there to enjoy the beach , natures beauty and outdoor activities like bicycling through the greenery of the Warnemunde SPA .
Trains around the Mecklenburg area take one to WISMAR , where Old Town with massive structures of it’ religious institutions in way of churches and DOM and its port with fish specialities again give one insight into bygone HANSA era .

LUBECK is another true jewel in the riches of Hansa concept of Baltic Sea towns .
From here via SCHWERIN
where charming structure of the castle, with its appearance bringing memories of Chambord Castle in Loire River in France .

Visit to BERLIN , is a pleasant way to conclude the exciting trip in Meklemburg Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein areas and that great adventure is possible to perform by trains from Warsaw in Poland

19 May 2019 EUROPE

,called in Maori language AOTEAROA welcome world visitors .

Natures beauty charms anyone at any time visiting this inspiring land ,while travelling across this land of the LONG WHITE CLOUD , so poetically named by its indigenous MAORI people .

HAURAKI , great district , so exotically named is accessible by ferry from Auckland or by, if one wishes, comfortable rented car . So is Coromandel Peninsula , with addition to it of East Cape , studded with lovely settlements , small towns like Coromandel Town , Whitianga where the fun of hot sand beach and Hahei with great walk to Cathedral Cove to pay respect to Mother Nature’ beauty . In this area are towns like Tauranga with busy activities, especially when huge ocean liners arrive to allow passengers to go to Rotorua for short visits , just like many others also do it from this bustling town .

OPOTIKI gateway to the East Cape presents beauty of nature , farm lands with horses and MARAE – the traditional meeting centres with very well presented buildings of history and legends of Maoris. From here circumnavigating the Cape with appreciation of rough beauty of the coast one can stop at Te Pua Springs to overnight at historical 1918 hotel and enjoy hot thermal spring . Next town of importance of the district is Gisborne. Town on the southern corner of East Cape , is the centre for transport and seafaring activities through its port on Poverty Bay . Gisborne history holds some sad moment related to Captain James Cook landing in 1769 when some conflict between Maori native people and crew of Endeavour boat took place . Gisborne was also important place for whalers and the whaling industry .

From historical Gisborne one travels via Wairoa located by big river , once provided itself as the place for river port conditions to ship the primary goods to rest of New Zealand and timber to the world. All these places and travelling leads eventually to truly world renown ART DECO town of Napier .

It is true treasure of this pleasing art introduced to the world in era of 1930’s. In Napier after the devastating earthquake of 1931, this pleasing architecture was adopted in rebuilding the totally destroyed town . The people of Napier under the great administrators and City Fathers rebuild this town for joy of the communities of Napier and surrounding area . It became busy commercial centre and for the delight of everyone seeing the beauty of design, colour and form of bygone era of Thirties . Napier is one of the best world Art Deco towns in the world .

From Napier one can start return journey via lake Taupo, Rotoroua and nice West coast town of Raglan to truly sea city on isthmus of Auckland .

Auckland provides all kind of fun for visitors and can be great base to start touring of North Island of New Zealand .
Major world air carriers like , Air New Zealand , Qatar , Emirates , Singapore Airlines fly directly to Auckland and also present code-share services of carrier like LOT Polish Airlines .

New Zealand while bidding for now Good bye – HAERE RA , awaits visitors in near future .

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