jewel of Indian cultural bygone days of Maharajahs , blend of ethnicity and religions melting peacefully , its historical riches presents itself as one special region of India . It is state in country which is home of Sanskrit ,Buddhism and other aspects of ideas and concepts of humanity dating back to early history of mankind.

This north-western state of India, with semi-desert morphology of its countryside, studded with colours of palaces , forts, lakes and great towns presents itself as spectacular for many world tourists who come here to enjoy the travel across this kaleidoscopic region of India .

RAJPUTANA was the name of the state where Maharajahs , Rajas , Kings and other rulers were governing this region of ancient MEWAR ,called also Udaipur , was renamed to RAJASTHAN from name of the , Bank of Rajasthan. The financial institution, the Bank , respected by the princely rulers of the Mewar . Exploring riches of Rajasthan and over all India , to learn about the region , country and oneself use of wide rail network of India is true adventure.
Pink City of Jaipur , Blue City of Jodhpur , Lakes City of Udaipur , amazing Forts of Chittaurgarh and Bundi also special mood of Ajmer to use as stepping base for Pushkar and Sawai Madhopur to see the Bengal Tigers is all possible while going in air-conditioned wagons of many train services of Indian Railways .

Fly to India and enjoy this land of smiling , welcoming people in colourful surrounding of their attires , moving about their town ,on way to temples , shrines and palaces , forts and other spectacular places to explore RAJASTHAN .


For more information visit: AIR INDIA, Rajasthan official website Indian Railways