Towns which in its lovely position in South West on map of Europe are so interestingly, with whole area, interwoven ,into mighty thousand years Polish history . These urban complexes , beside Polish history , present also riches of Hapsburg Empire bygone days . For all these who enjoyed and possibly still enjoy the clever observations about humanity and its irrational acts of wars and other concepts related to stupidity of men kind , in book of well known Czech author Hasek presented in story of” Brave Soldier Svejk “, the region is truly great source of joy of travel and visiting the area.
LANCUT , with mighty palace of PILECKI , who were original owners , only to be owned later by LUBOMIRSKI , POTOCKI Magnate families of Poland reflects great ,how interestingly presented in the beauty of amazing structures being mixture of neo-classis , neo-baroque and many more architectural and design styles of the castle , history of area , often called GALICJA . Of course history of this lovely town reaches to early days of Poland as the power of Europe already under King Casimir III Great. Here visitors beside breathtaking features of the castle , visit lovely gardens and one of greatest collection of horse drawn coaches . 20170603_171255
In not so distant past these coaches were used to reach surrounding places like RZESZOW .Regional capital by Wislok river , just short distance from Lancut ,presents also riches of region history . Established in 1354 by Jan Pakoslawic on the basis of King Kazimierz the Grate appreciation of his heroic acts as the KNIGHT ,serving the King .Town with its Town Hall positioned ,just of side in the in ,architecturally, interesting market place .Here history of Poles , Ukrainians ,Jews , Austrians , Magyars ,Germans was meshed into interesting past of the town . Evidence of this is present in structures of churches , castles , Synagogue and other Gothic and Renaissance buildings.20170604_13362820170604_133615
Moving further south-eastern direction ,town of border land ,on San river PRZEMYSL comes to visitor attention . This urban complex with remnants of old castle from 1340 King Casimirus days , situated the Castle Mountain , many churches and fascinating history of XVIII and XIX century is just truly stimulating . Here Austro-Hungarian forces were holding in the battle of WWI, using huge rings of fortifications , to defend its position from advancing Russian troops . Story of SVEJK , showing absurdity of wars , brought this , some say halfwit individual , on the pages of Jaroslav Hasek , to Przemysl and also should bring readers to this town which attractively ,hugs with its old structures side of the Royal hill.

With true entrance into KRESY , romantic name of area in Poland , moving towards the Dniestr Plateau , visitor comes to LVIV . This town is totally other , simply in its own rights , story of the region . It us UNESCO HERITAGE listed town .Some see Lviv as a treasure chest of history , culture , of people , nations which were interacting here from early days of King of Ruthenia Danylo Halytskyi in XIII century . Here the clashes of military troops amongst of Tartars , Mongols , Russians , Swedish armies took place . Religions of Armenia , Orthodox-Greece , Christianity and Jewish people shaped spirituality of its people. Cultures of Poland, Russia , Hapsburgs shaped the past to make Lviv people of Ukraine feel proud of their town . Artists , designers , architects and other creative minds from Italy , France , Poland , Russia came to Lviv to create some extraordinary structures . So vividly present in form of houses of warship , like Cathedrals , monasteries , merchant and manufacturers buildings also richly ornamented castles of Kings , Magnates and Nobles .

This amazing region of Europe , Poland , Ukraine is easily reached by all forms of transport like busses , trains and air services . Hotels are of high class , foods are tasty , full of healthy flavors of the region . All these elements what traveler awaits are inexpensive , simply affordable .
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June 2017

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