What a splendid history lesson one picks while travelling through the central region of Europe . Here riches of Hapsburgs are exposed .


It is truly Empire trip .


Vienna once upon a time seat of mighty empire . Worth point of history to observe is that in XVII CENTURY Vienna was defended by Polish King Sobieski from Kara Mustafa Ottoman Turkey Vienna presents itself , to joyous expectations of visitors as cosmopolitan city basically of all nations working here in interest of visitors and tourists , to make Vienna visit true enjoyable experience .

Budapest the capital of Magyars , who were incorporated into the Hapsburgs Empire to be part of Austro- Hungarian powerful , reaching wide corners of central Europe , force of Empire . Here Danube charms with its sparkles and reflections of great architectural and historical structures of buildings , bridges and overall atmosphere of this great town .


Bratislava on other hand with its links to both great cities of Vienna and Budapest , played important role in days of the Hungarian monarchy . It was coronation town called in these days Pressburg in German and Pozsony in Hungarian and is positioned by mighty Danube river flowing here through PORTA HUNGARICA narrows .
These amazing cities present for visitors great experience to this spectacular region of Europe . Medieval castles , Baroque churches , secession and art nouveau buildings , with modern ways of transport like river boats , trains and plains it makes truly great travel destination .


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