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are towns not far from busy WARSAW, the capital of Poland and present
towns of great alternative to learn about riches of Polands,s diverse and surprising history.
LUBLIN , biggest town of Eastern Poland, nestling on the hills, with its great history , is definitely a place worth of learning about. Already in the past, importance of this town was recognized by traders , settlers of this rich area of Poland . Here in Lublin during the year 1414, King Jagiello, after the monumental and symbolic victory over the Teutonic Knights in 1410 under GRUNWALD build the church of Assumption of Our Lady of Victory ,to pay tribute to Holy Mary . During the construction of this church some of the Teutonic Knights were working on the site to repent for their act of the fight against Christian forces during the Grunwald battle. Here in 1569 for the first time in Europe, concept of unification of nations , cultures and various religions took place when Poland and Lithuania decided to work together as a one united county. Also in Lublin famous composer Henryk Wieniawski was born . His music is giving so much to millions of violin music lovers. Issac Bashevic Singer used spirit of this magic town in his great book “The magician of Lublin” . This town is definitely miniature of Cracow , another great Polish town . Through Cracow Gate in Lublin one enters charming world of Old Town , where beauty of bygone era, great architectural structures of medieval and renaissance is reflected.
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Lublin can be reached by comfortable train ride from Warsaw. Also NALECZOW , small SPA Jewel of the area , only 25km away from Lublin can be used as base for Lublin exploration. In Naleczow one can enrich one,s mind and spirit , just like well known polish writers Zeromski and Prus did in the past. In Naleczow great artist Michal Elwiro Andriolli, illustrator of many world renown books died and is buried in this pretty town.
After some time of joy in Naleczow the small renaissance town of KAZIMIERZ DOLNY settled on the Vistula river and only 25 km away, can be visited. Here one sees remnants of the times when tall structures of castles were guarding the trade routes of Poland and Europe.
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On the Vistula river the natural wealth of Polish rich soil , like wheat was shipped up to ports of Baltic sea or amber was carried to south of Europe. Here under the sky resembling Mediterranean mood many artists were creating their works in the surrounds of renaissance structures of this town.
These southern -eastern towns can be reached by busses , trains and also via Warsaw while using services of LOT POLISH AIRLINES and SINGAPORE AIRLINES .
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