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picture pretty , what a jewel of tourist marvels of Australia .Already in days of late xix century this picturesque area has drawn tourists and still does .



Visitors not in conventional sense of xxi century tourism . People who had common denominator with today’s tourist desires, such as simply just relax , see beauty , provide to their lives moments of unsurpssed experiences of being surrounded by nature with variety of visual , physical , emotional elements of human needs to make one relaxed and happy with life . Of course adventure of travel was always present here. When in 1880 wharf at Nelson Bay was build it drawn visitors from Newcastle and Sydney who travelled here by boats . Already pre WWI times of 1910 when Ocean Breeze guest house was build , the “Select Grand Ocean Excursion “ were very popular voyages provided by Newcastle and Hunter River Steamship Company. Of course overland travel was available too. Ferry from Newcastle to Stockton and through bush track to Salt Ash and boat to Tilligerry to reach vast waters of Port Stephens. These were the early days of travel to this area. In 1940,s first tar sealed road evolved as during WWII in Shoal Bay was joint American and Australian forces training and recreation base for the servicemen who were defending South Pacific from enemy expansion.
Port Stephens with its interesting history , natural beauty draws currently many visitors to its lovely beaches , calm waters for sailing and bush with Mt. Tomaree spectacular walks .On the blue sky one often sees sea eagles and pelicans soaring in the south Pacific winds, while the water of Port Stephens is the home to playful dolphins often seen in beautyful colours of magic sunsets. While walking in surrounding greenery one can meet friendly koala bear sitting and chewing on leaves of eucalyptus trees ,which are unique to provide these cuddly marsupials with their diet.
Just about 200 km from Sydney the area of Port Stephens awaits visitors . Be it Australians or overseas travellers ,place is relativly easy to reach . From Sydney train and bus using NSW TRAIN services gets one to Port Stephens. There are also airservices providing flights from Sydney to Williamtown airport . Sydney on other hand can be reached using LOT POLISH AIRLINES SERVICES via Warsaw to Tokyo , Seoul , Beijing and soon Singapore to connect with SINGAPORE AIRLINES services from Singapore to also great city to visit , being Sydney.
Port Stephens December 2017

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IMG_20171005_204411_203TOKYO , gateway to Japan. To truly amazing country .Where history , tradition mixing with modernity and functionality of great country . Providing nation with respect , cultural attitude extended to its fellow country men and visitors. Buddhism as religion and tool to deal with world around , Confucius and Shinto philosophies give spiritual strength to people who take care of natural beauty , which often can be brutal in Japan . Typhoons, earthquakes are the forces to deal with by Japanese people . People communicate with each other in fashion and behavioural manners what makes Japanese very polite people . Great example to the world.
In Tokyo what ever part one visits the surprizes await . Harajuku station on Yamanote Japan Rail , circular service provides one with opportunity to visit Yoyogi Park and Meiji Jingu Shrine. Ueno Station is the stop for visit to relaxing mood of park , museums , pagoda and shrines .Akihabara and Kanda to see temples do some inexpensive electronic shopping . Ginza for cultural entertainment where Kabuki Theatre provides deeper look into old Japanese culture .IMG_20171008_184452_458
Tokyo can be great base for travel on speedy on time services of SHINKANSEN while using as example Japan Rail pass for travel on wide network of trains . Visit to norther Japan island Hokaido from Tokyo 4 hours 2 minutes to Shin Hakodate . Kanazawa great town of ZEN founder can be reached via Nagano in basically no time . Other great cities await too . KYOTO , with its magic INARI Shrine , HIROSHIMA , HAKATA , BEPPU – town of many hot water spas called ONSEN .IMG_20171009_211839_700
So Japan is awaiting . Flying from Centre of Europe Poland , departing on LOT POLISH AIRLINES from Warsaw on top engineering aircraft of Boeing 787 DREAMLINER brings one to country of high culture and civilization . After Japan adventure one can fly Singapore Airlines or All Nippon Airways to Australia or New Zealand to continue world travel experience .


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