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IMG_20171005_204411_203TOKYO , gateway to Japan. To truly amazing country .Where history , tradition mixing with modernity and functionality of great country . Providing nation with respect , cultural attitude extended to its fellow country men and visitors. Buddhism as religion and tool to deal with world around , Confucius and Shinto philosophies give spiritual strength to people who take care of natural beauty , which often can be brutal in Japan . Typhoons, earthquakes are the forces to deal with by Japanese people . People communicate with each other in fashion and behavioural manners what makes Japanese very polite people . Great example to the world.
In Tokyo what ever part one visits the surprizes await . Harajuku station on Yamanote Japan Rail , circular service provides one with opportunity to visit Yoyogi Park and Meiji Jingu Shrine. Ueno Station is the stop for visit to relaxing mood of park , museums , pagoda and shrines .Akihabara and Kanda to see temples do some inexpensive electronic shopping . Ginza for cultural entertainment where Kabuki Theatre provides deeper look into old Japanese culture .IMG_20171008_184452_458
Tokyo can be great base for travel on speedy on time services of SHINKANSEN while using as example Japan Rail pass for travel on wide network of trains . Visit to norther Japan island Hokaido from Tokyo 4 hours 2 minutes to Shin Hakodate . Kanazawa great town of ZEN founder can be reached via Nagano in basically no time . Other great cities await too . KYOTO , with its magic INARI Shrine , HIROSHIMA , HAKATA , BEPPU – town of many hot water spas called ONSEN .IMG_20171009_211839_700
So Japan is awaiting . Flying from Centre of Europe Poland , departing on LOT POLISH AIRLINES from Warsaw on top engineering aircraft of Boeing 787 DREAMLINER brings one to country of high culture and civilization . After Japan adventure one can fly Singapore Airlines or All Nippon Airways to Australia or New Zealand to continue world travel experience .


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053 towns in  New South Wales ,state in Australia ,  present many attractions for tourists .

Griffith charms one with its urban design which came from Berley Griffin , who design of nation capital Canberra ,  gave  also  beside that attractive  design of this well designed town. Town  being center to the RIVERINA region of farming , horticulture and specifically wine industry presents visitors with many delightful impressions. While approaching the town one passes colorful orchards  , wineries and fresh water canals providing irrigation for the riches of mother nature produce , so tenderly cultivated by the farmers of the region .102 Area developed by many generations of Italian migrants who one can say created “Australian Lombardy “ ,in this Riverina  region to remind them of far away home , Italy , inspires visitors .. MAMMA MIA , one could say and yes MIA , it is abbreviation of Murrumbidge Irrigation  Area, great concept which was developed first at early earth of 1900th ,  and continued after huge dry spell and drought of  1930th . Of course with Italian migrants hard labour  to make the place , huge center for wineries , prunes , oranges , vegetable growing on irrigated fields  with water supplied by many canals, also returning Australian soldiers “diggers”   from WWI and WWII , played big role in development of town and the whole area.  These brave soldiers , here in Riverina swapped arms  for  plough.


Not far away from Griffith , one can reach by coach or train ,Cootamundra . 240This lovely town , being birth place of Sir Donald Bradman , top Australian cricket sportsman , brings many cricket player , spectators to pay tribute to this great Australian icon of the sportsman . But not only  cricket loving visitors come here .  Many others who wish to explore the region find Cootamundra with its history and pleasing architectural designs of buildings , houses and cottages  natural choice to stay here for few days . Here one can experience taste of “ true blue” Aussie atmosphere of  country town friendliness , see the Victorian and art deco structures and enjoy colours of surrounding hills and fields .  The town name as it is said could be derived from Wiradjuri tribe language  , where  word “ guudhamang “meaning  “turtle” , could  give origin to the name of town , which  was established by gold rush of 1860th .Cootamundra being half way by train trip between Sydney and Melbourne , can provide splendid opportunity to use the place as base for exploration of southern NSW .

The region of NSW with these interesting town can be reached  by train , coaches  from major cities of Sydney and Melbourne .



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